Dr. K

Dr. K sitting right next to a container with Solex.

Solex is a substance which is said to be the ultimate power source, capable of producing virtually unlimited power. Solex was said to have been discovered after an alien spacecraft crashed outside of RobixCorp, shortly before Prof. Nemo's disappearance. It has two forms: the glowing electric blue liquid form prone to random energy fluctuations and the second, more stable crystallized form used in most robots. The story suggests that it has a psychic nature as it reacts to sentient thoughts and emotions, even those of robot's EPUs. Solex in both liquid and crystallized form is capable of producing immense power.

Solex in the 1st season Edit

In the first season, Dr. K collects Solex from infected robots to utilize in his ultimate plan with the aid of the Alien, who uses the alter ego of Raska, the RobixCorp spokes model. It is suspected that the Solex was originally discovered by Professor Nemo but fearing the misuse of its power, separated the liquid Solex into small doses, placing them in random robots (or that the explosion in his lab the day he disappeared caused the Solex he was experimenting with to be transferred into the robots that were in his lab at the time).

The liquid Solex, however, produces unexpected effects in robots; this is referred to as Solex infection. As the EPU is placed under heavy stress or emotions, the uncontrollable energy reaction of the liquid Solex causes them to malfunction and go berserk. Besides the behavioral malfunction, the infected robot also gains extreme power far beyond its normal capabilities. However, this extreme power could overload the host and cause self-destruction unless liquid Solex is removed, the robot is deactivated or the Solex energy returns to normal.

During the season finale Cubix absorbs the last of the Solex and is turned on again, and also gains the ability to speak on his own like a human being.

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