Raska disguised as a human


Raska in her alien form contacting Dr. K

Raska is an alien which is able to disguise herself as a human being. She is an employee of Robixcorp, and As the spokesperson, her main duties at the company involve marketing, as seen when she was recording an advert for the new Delishix model of robot.

Her outfit when human was an asymmetrical purple and white dress with a glove and high-heel shoe of each colour, dark pink leggings and purple choker. She has purple hair, pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick. The male members of the Botties group found her to be quite attractive, but Abby suspected she was hiding something.

Raska would often ask nicely to get others to do what she wanted, but her temper could flare up if things weren't going her way.

Story Edit

After crashing her space craft near Bubble Town, Dr. K assisted her in the recovery of a material called "Solex". The alien was secretly running RobixCorp in Nemo's absence after his disappearance from the lab explosion.

During the events of the series, the Alien contacts Dr. K on many occasions demanding updates on his progress with harvesting liquid Solex from various robots. After collecting a sufficient amount of liquid Solex, Dr. K unsuccessfully attempts to crystalize it to make it more powerful and less volatile. When Dr. K discovers a quantity of solid Solex powering Cubix, the Alien uses her contacts at RobixCorp to leave a trojan horse style gift of a preview of the new Antix model, a small, black robot which can behave quite unpredictably, with the Botties. The batch of Antix she left at the pit contained quite a nasty surprise, which caught everyone off guard and reduced Cubix to a scattered jumble of parts. After extracting the Solex from Cubix's wreckage, Dr. K uses it to activate Kulminator, "the robot to end all robots".


Raska about to undergo a horrifying transformation

At Dr K's base, she tried to persuade Connor to let her take the damaged Cubix back to Robixcorp for repairs. The boy's sentimentality for his friend forced her to reveal an ugly secret...


The Alien reveals herself to Connor

Connor retrieves Cubix's parts from Dr. K's base, where he finds Raska. The RobixCorp spokeswoman tries to persuade the boy to take Cubix to her employer for repairs. Connor's refusal forces her to reveal her true identity as the Alien!


Dr K, left, and Alien, right, piloting Kulminator

The Alien usurped control of Kulminator, taking the gigantic machine out on a destructive rampage through Bubble Town. Dr K was forced to leave the Alien on her own, believing her to have gone power-mad.

With the last of his power, Cubix attacked the Kulminator's EPU. The Solex powering both of these mighty robots ignited, sparking an earth-shattering explosion. Raska was never seen again after this.

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