Endurix is a rescue robot designed by Robix Corp. He is the most powerful robot the company produced and the only robot besides Kilobot capable of teleporting. Endurix has body components such as a drill and scuba mask that equip him for any emergency, and his body is orange with black and yellow stripes in areas, with red and green ambulance lights on his shoulders. Endurix is well known for his teleportation ability, which allows him to instantly teleport anywhere in a 10 kilometer range.

Role in the SeriesEdit

Endurix first appears in Tommorrow's Robots Today, were he demonstrates his abilities to the Botties. Later on, Kilobot attacks him and steals his data. He appears with Abby during Cubix's battle to help him out, and manages to distract him so Cubix could snare him. Endurix reappears in "War Triangle", first to help Cubix use his Power-Up Module, and to fight the zombots while Cubix was recharging. Endurix also ends up as one of the first robots turned into a zombot after Kilobot took over Dr. K's army.

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