Dondon is Abby/Yuri's pet robot. Dondon is a personal interaction and entertainment robot, outfitted with hovering capabilities allowing him to flutter about for indefinite periods of time. So, although he/she has wings they are more decorative. Being small and defenseless, Dondon is not a fighter, although there are times when he/she has shown great courage in order to protect his/her friends. His/Her features include a video telephone inside his/her chest cavity, secret recording devices, a camera, and a storage pouch. His/Her yellow face also glows in the dark. His/Her personality is very playful and imaginative- he/she sometimes pretends to be a secret agent for Abby/Yuri, disguising himself/herself with her jewelry and hair accessories. Though creative, Dondon is needy of Abby/Yuri and can be quite bashful with strangers.

In the Original Korean Version, Dondon is Female, and She is Voiced By Bae Ju-Young, But in the 4 Kids Entertainment English Version, Dondon is Male and He is Voiced By Eric Stuart.