Cerebrix/Plump is Chip/Min-Woo's robot. Like his/her master, Cerebrix/Plump is more of a thought focused character rather than feeling. Bipedal, with no arms, he/she is equipped with advanced memory, sensory, computing and processing systems stored in his/her large head. He/She can also fly by means of a retractable propeller stored in an upper compartment of his/her head. His/Her main functions include a huge sensory array and he/she is also equipped with two antennae through which he/she can tap into almost any communication wavelength and cause disturbances, creating confusion in his/her foes. Also his/her advanced probability computing system is capable of determining the outcomes of events before they occur. His/Her personality and speech are much more machine-like but what he/she has to say is usually very important.

In the Original Korean Version, Cerebrix is Female, Her name is Plump and She is voiced By Bae Ju-Young, But in the 4 Kids Entertainment English Version, Cerebrix is Male, and He is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.