Abby/Yuri is one of the main characters of Cubix. Connor/Haneul and the others are good friends to her, but the robot Dondon is her best friend. She has brown eyes, orange hair with two ponytails, wears a pink and violet shirt and violet pants (which expose her stomach), and white shoes.

As a member of the Botties, she is capable of repairing robots and other machinary. Abby/Yuri is also a skilled pilot, as demonstrated when she took control of Kannon during the battle with Kulminator, and later when she piloted Dr K's robotic air base in a battle with a towering Zombot.

While usually sensible and cautious, Abby/Yuri will often join the fight when her friends are in trouble.

In the Original Korean Version, Her name is Yuri and She is Voiced By Choi Duk-Hee, But in the 4 Kids Entertainment English Version, Her name is Abby and She is Voiced By Veronica Taylor.